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Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

Listening just got even easier

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) is a general name for devices that are designed to help you communicate easier, and improve your quality of life. Most commonly, people use ALDs to hear their television, talk on the phone, or hold conversations a bit easier. Many can be used with or without hearing aids and provide increased satisfaction in difficult listening environments. A few common Assistive Listening Devices that we offer our patients are bluetooth neckloops, talk and type phones, amplified phones, PockeTalkers, and wireless TV headsets.

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Caption Telephone Solutions:

Your telephone will deliver word-for-word captions of what’s said over the telephone. You can read every word in real-time in addition to listening to the conversations. The results are clarity and confidence, eliminating isolation and frustration. These will work as your traditional home phone and will also work with Smartphones, PC/Macs, and tablets. *Free phone with authorization from Susan Day.*

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Wireless TV Headsets

Many people enjoy watching tv at night with their family, but need the volume a bit louder than those in the room. Wireless TV headsets allow you to increase the volume just for yourself, and prevents you having to hear, “it’s too loud!”

Pocketalkers® by Williams Sound

Pocketalkers are assistive listening devices that are designed to be portable and convenient. These are helpful for having a close-up conversation with someone who is not wearing hearing aids or who lives in an assisted living or nursing facility. You just place the microphone near the source of sound, and listen easier.

Amplified Phones

Amplified phones can help you understand phone calls clearly and easily.

Bluetooth Neckloop

Bluetooth neckloops are wearable assistive listening devices that are worn around your neck. They serve as a bluetooth hot spot, connecting your hearing aids to bluetooth capable devices.

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