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Custom Ear Protection in Estes Park

Though hearing loss is often associated with aging, exposure to loud noises may also cause permanent damage. On a daily basis, we are exposed to noises that may have adverse effects on our hearing, without even realizing it. Noise exposure affects workers in a range of industries, from construction to dentistry to hair styling. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration estimates that 30 million people in the US are “occupationally exposed to hazardous noise.”

Outside of the workplace, recreational activities such as hunting, do-it-yourself carpentry or landscaping with machines such as a mower or leaf-blower, increases the risk of hearing loss. Your teenager’s garage band, with amplifiers turned up at full volume for a long period of time, may cause long-term damage to their ears. People who drive convertibles or motorcycles are also at risk, with greater exposure to engine sounds.


For many aspects of daily life, we recommend custom fitted earplugs. Created from impressions taken of your ears, they are more comfortable than generic earplugs. They afford you protection from damaging loud sounds, often without prohibiting the sounds you do want to hear. Here are a few options to consider:

Noise Protection:

General noise protecting earplugs defend your ears against industrial noise exposure, recreational noise exposure (landscaping, welding, carpentry, etc.), daily noise exposure (hairdryers, public transportation, etc.) and occupational noises. For recreational hunting and shooting ranges, custom ear protection is recommended to counteract the sharp impact of gun noise. Earplugs come in a variety of styles, with specific protection added depending on your lifestyle needs.

custom noise reduction ear buds


Being a musician is a rewarding occupation – you get paid to share your passion with audiences day after day or night after night. Custom musician earplugs are designed so that you can still hear music accurately while also protecting your hearing. Musician earplugs simultaneously ensure longevity in your career by providing a shield against the harmful high volumes being fed through speakers. In smaller clubs and venues, the loud sounds may be louder in the enclosed space and have more of a damaging effect on your hearing. DJs and music venue employees will also benefit from custom ear protection. Custom earplugs are also recommended for music lovers who often find themselves at concerts and shows. Ask about how these earplugs work for musicians!

musician custom ear plug


Noise inevitably interferes with a good night’s sleep. Custom sleep plugs help you to sustain a peaceful night of rest and are made of comfortable and soft material. Whether your partner snores heavily, or you live in an area that is abuzz with nightlife, earplugs ensure that you will feel well-rested in the morning. These are also recommended for long flights, as airplane noise has the tendency to both harm your hearing in the long-term, and create discomfort in the short term.

custom sleep earplug


Custom swim plugs designed for swimmers and surfers protect the canal from water and cold air, both of which may lead to ear infection or cause damage to the middle and outer parts of the ear. These are also helpful for children who have had ear infections and must keep the water out of their ears. They are floatable and come in several fun colors and swirl combinations of your choice.

custom swim earplug

Portable Audio Players:

Your generic earphones can be inserted into custom fitted earpieces for maximum comfort while listening to music and other audio recordings.

custom earbuds for iPhone
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